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    Neptune 4-50

    The NEPTUNE 4 FA delivers high performance, ease of use, low noise and high cleaning efficiency. When transport and storage are important, but high cleaning power is needed, the NEPTUNE 4 FA is an ideal choice. Developped for routine yet tough cleaning tasks in automotive, agricultural, construction or light industrial environments.

    The NEPTUNE 4 FA series continues to deliver high performance, ease of use, low noise and great cleaning efficiency. Running and maintenance costs are reduced. The flow-activated control system contributes to even more comfortable use of the machine and assures durability and reliability. The EcoPower boiler system offers > 92% efficiency for significantly reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs.

    • EcoPower boiler with > 92% efficiency
    • Flow-activated control system for additional comfort in use
    • 1450 RPM motor
    • Optimal machine protection against low fuel, low pump oil. Includes flame sensor and exhaust gas temperature sensor
    • NA5H pump with 3 ceramic pistons

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    Neptune 4-50   Specification

    Pump Pressure (bar/Mpa)190/19
    Cleaning Impact (kg/force)5
    Water Flow qmax/Qiec (l/h)960/900
    Pump (RPM)1450
    Water Tempreture (�C)90/150
    Nozzle Size0.050
    Dimension - L X B X W (cm)105.3 X 68.5 X 76
    Gross Weight (kg)136

    Brochures and Users manuals

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